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Not everybody loves their expression lines…sometimes they say too much.  If you feel those lines are making you look older and more tired than you feel, it may be time to treat them.


From celebrities to politicians to your next door neighbor, more and more people are having their crow’s feet, frown lines and furrows injected with Botox to smooth them away.  In fact, Botox is the most popular medically administered cosmetic procedure with nearly 11 million treatments performed.

Botox softens lines in the “upper half” of your face caused by smiling, squinting and frowning.  Each treatment lasts about 4 months and results continue to improve with repeat injections.


Injectable fillers (RestylaneJuvedermRadiesse) all restore volume to the face and fill in lines, wrinkles and folds.  Fillers are most commonly used in the “lower half” of the face; around the mouth to rejuvenate and plump, and to replace lost volume in the cheeks to give a “lift” to the skin that can sometimes feel like it is falling.

All fillers used in this practice are absorbable, and each product promotes your own natural collagen growth making your results better with repeat treatments!

Treatments last about 5-6 months with your first treatment, but with repeat treatments can last up to 7-12 months.


Sculptra Aesthetic is a facial injectable treatment that is intended for the treatment of shallow to deep nasolabial fold contour deficiencies and other facial wrinkles. SculptraAesthetic works gradually to replace collagen that is lost during the aging process.