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Dr Jambor is the first plastic surgeon in the Farmington Valley area to offer SculpSure, the world’s first hyperthermic laser for non-invasive fat reduction.

The treatment takes ONLY 25 minutes per area, which is much quicker than other non-invasive procedures. A new, state-of-the -art, light-based device is used to heat the unwanted fat cells, while cooling the skin layer. Once the fat cells are destroyed, the body gradually eliminates them over time, reducing the amount of fat in the treated area.

SculpSure is pain-free, unlike other noninvasive procedures. This procedure is totally non-surgical, you will be able to walk out of the office by yourself and drive home or back to work. There is absolutely no downtime. This is truly a lunch time lipo! Please call us today to schedule your consultation at 860-678-1800