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Though liposuction alone can help many, others find a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty to be the right solution. Dr. Jambor often encounters patients who have dieted, jogged, and done everything possible and still were unable to reduce their abdomen and stomach area. Dr, Jambor’s goal in a tummy tuck procedure is to create a flat, firm stomach and a thinner waist. As with all of her surgical procedures, Dr. Jambor tailors a tummy tuck to individual needs with a variety of techniques.

A “partial” or “mini” tummy tuck can be performed through similar incisions and combined with liposuction to obtain a flatter, tighter abdominal profile. This smaller procedure may have less recovery time.

Whether you are a post-pregnancy mom, or a post weight-loss man or woman, the full tummy tuck procedure can be an excellent choice for you.

Abdominoplasty tightens the muscles to provide a sleeker, stronger abdominal wall and to make the waist smaller. Loose, lax skin often compromised by stretch marks, is removed. You will be up and around one day after the surgery, but activity may be restricted for three or four weeks while tissues firm and heal. Most of Dr. Jambor’s patients return to work within a couple of weeks.

Patients choose tummy tuck surgery for the following reasons:

  • Abdominal fat that is resistant to diet and exercise
  • Excess abdominal skin following weight loss
  • Stretched abdominal muscles as a result of pregnancy
  • Stretch marks