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We always want our patients to start with a great skin care regimen while undergoing treatments.  This will stimulate your skin turnover, enhance the results and ensure you will be continuing the benefits of each treatment at home.

SkinMedica is truly state of the art when it comes to skincare.  Years of research have gone in to developing TNS Recovery Complex, its core product.  Growth factor technology has been harnessed in this line to promote growth of new, youthful skin cells and repair damaged collagen.  SkinMedica’s efficacy has been unmatched by its competitors, and many have tried.

Obagi is an at home prescription regimen that is “boot camp” for your skin.  It is an intensive treatment that will transform your skin at the end of three months…this is the number one selling regimen in plastic surgeon offices across the country.

PCA is a skin care line with the philosophy that it is “better to work with the skin, not against it”.  Again, this is a science based line that utilizes naturally occurring ingredients to promote skin renewal and help prevent signs of aging.